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Switzerland travel is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. In the Switzerland travel blog articles below you’ll find stacks of information on things to do in Switzerland and the best places to visit in Switzerland.  If you need suggestions for your Switzerland travel itinerary, we’ve got that covered, along with Switzerland travel tips, including handy things to know if you plan to visit Switzerland in winter.




With some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, and a first-rate railway system that other countries can only hope to replicate, Switzerland is the ideal country to explore by train.  The Swiss Railway System traverses the length and breadth of the country often passing through tunnels that have been dug through mountains and over viaducts that tower over the valleys below.

Switzerland is one country that needs no enhancement. It’s a land of beauty wherever you look. From crystal clear lakes to snow-capped peaks, fast-flowing streams to flower-filled fields, Switzerland is firmly ensconced as one of the most beautiful countries I have visited.

The Swiss region of Appenzell, about an hour and a half's drive from Zurich, is cuteness with a capital C. With its rolling green hills - home to thousands of cows - the area is well known for its production of Appenzeller cheese but the little villages and towns that dot the region are worth a visit in their own right, and none more so than the town which also bears the name of Appenzell. Here are six reasons to visit Appenzell.

Sometimes when you go on holidays you share one of those moments with your fellow travellers that forever remain in your memory. For my family, our 2008 holiday to Europe produced one such moment that we talked about for years. In fact, so prolific was this memory that when the opportunity arose to repeat it in 2013, we couldn't grab it quick enough! 

The Swiss Museum of Transport (Verkehrshaus) is located on the shores of lovely Lake Lucerne. The museum is home to a huge array of all forms of transport including trains, planes, cars, ships, cable cars and much more. Also on site are a Planetarium and an IMAX theatre and a display of communications equipment.

Dating back to the mid-17th Century, Lucerne's Jesuit Church was the first large Baroque church built north of the Alps in Switzerland. The first cornerstone for the church was laid in 1666 and the twin-towers with their 'onion' domes are now are prominent feature of Lucerne. The church's position on the River Reuss right near the Chapel Bridge makes it a much-visited place and with good reason - the interior really takes your breath away.

Just an hour from the centre of Zurich, the Rhine Falls (Rheinfall) is the largest waterfall in Europe. At 150 metres wide and 23 metres high, a huge volume of water passes over the falls every minute.  In summer, the average flow of water is an amazing 700,000 litres per second! 

The capital of Switzerland is often overlooked as a destination in its own right by Australians, but as my visit to the city last year proved, there is plenty to see and do.  Evelyn Lafone, Director Australia and New Zealand for Switzerland Tourism, hails from just outside Zurich and she shares her Insider Secrets with us.

As the world headquarters for the Red Cross, the International Olympic Committee, World Health Organisation and the European seat of the United Nations, Geneva is a truly international city. Situated on the border of France and Switzerland, Geneva is a mix of both countries and most residents are bilingual in both German and French, and often many other languages as well. In fact, with so many international organisations housed here, there's barely a language you won't hear!