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Just an hour from the centre of Zurich, the Rhine Falls (Rheinfall) is the largest waterfall in Europe. At 150 metres wide and 23 metres high, a huge volume of water passes over the falls every minute.  In summer, the average flow of water is an amazing 700,000 litres per second! 


The Rhine Falls from Schlossi Worth


We approached the Falls from the main visitor entrance near Schlössli Wörth (Castle Worth).  As well as a ticket office, you'll also find a cafe and souvenir shop and it's from here that you can take a boat to the Falls.


Boats take visitors close to the falls


Visitors to the Rhine Falls can get extremely close to the massive falls.  Boats take tourists from the pier at Schlössli Wörth  to a viewing platform that has been erected on 'The Rock' beside the falls, and around the Rhine Falls basin. It's a great way to really appreciate the ferocity of the water - but be warned: you will get wet!


The viewing platform over the falls


From the Zurich side of the Falls, it's possible to access a platform built out over the Rhine - the noise of the water thundering over the falls is tremendous.


After climbing steep steps on The Rock, visitors have a great view over the Falls


The boat ride from Schlössli Wörth takes visitors to the foot of The Rock.  From here, a steep set of steps leads to the summit from where you can enjoy spectacular views of the Rhine Falls.


 A number of different boat trips are available



It's also possible to take a boat ride further along the river to Eglisau and enjoy the magnificent Rhine scenery.


A half day trip from Zurich to the Rhine Falls and nearby Schaffhausen is definitely worthwhile.

Video: Switzerland's Rhine Falls