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Eva Santo of Eva European Spa Tours was born in the former Czechoslavakia (now Slovakia) and returns to Bratislava each year when she accompanies Australian travellers on her luxury escorted tours.  Eva loves sharing her insider secrets of the city with others and has kindly agreed to give us her tips of what to see and do when visiting Bratislava.

 Old town, Bratislava


Must-see sights in Bratislava

  • Bratislava castle
  • Primate Palace with its famous Hall of Mirrors where in 1805 Napoleon and Francis I signed the treaty of Pressburg (former name for Bratislava) also portraits of Habsburgs monarchs.
  • Devin Castle – destroyed in 1809 by Napoleon’s army, today lies in ruins and is one of the most important monuments in Slovakia.
  • The Neo – renaissance Slovak National Opera built in 1885.

Images of Bratislava


Favourite place or area to stay in Bratislava

Radisson Carlton Hotel in the Old town.   Click here for current prices.


Best place to eat in Bratislava

We always stay at Radisson and eat at Radisson Hotel, the food there is FANTASTIC!

Slovenska Restaurant and GazdovskyDvor are also recommended.

Best way to get around the city

Walk and tram.

Local specialities

Food  - The national dish, Bryndzovehalusky, consists of gnocchi-style potato dumplings topped with sheep cheese called bryndza and pieces of fried bacon; Kapustnica – cabbage soup


Ceramics - blue and yellow hand-painted pottery of Modra (a town north of Bratislava).


Bratislava Old Town 

Best way to spend a lazy Sunday in Bratislava?

Enjoy the atmoshpere of the Hlavnenamestie (Main square), or visit the famous Spa town Piestany, 80 km from Bratislava.

My hidden secret

I love shopping in Bratislava…


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Primate Palace

View of Old Town