Tips and Inspiration for your European holiday

Slovakia travel informationSlovakia has much to the offer the visitor.  A small country with a rich history and beautiful scenery, its position on the Danube River makes it a worthwhile stop for river cruises but those staying longer than a day will find plenty to do, too.



With the increased popularity of river cruising over the past few years, more and more travellers are being introduced to the delightful city of Bratislava and whilst staying in Vienna recently, I too was happy for an introduction to the Slovakian capital. I opted for a day trip to Bratislava from Vienna which I pre-booked before I left home.

Eva Santo of Eva European Spa Tours was born in the former Czechoslavakia (now Slovakia) and returns to Bratislava each year when she accompanies Australian travellers on her luxury escorted tours.  Eva loves sharing her insider secrets of the city with others and has kindly agreed to give us her tips of what to see and do when visiting Bratislava.