Tips and Inspiration for your European holiday

Scandinavia travel informationDespite their reputation for being expensive for travellers, the Scandinavian countries of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark are well worth a visit. I've been lucky enough to visit three of these stunning countries, and I hope the articles below will encourage you to visit them, too. 


If you ever find yourself in a Scandinavian country then you’re probably aware of the rich culture and traditions they’ve been following for centuries and this includes the cuisine.

If you're heading to the Finnish capital, Helsinki, and are short on time, one of the best ways to get the most out of your visit is on a Helsinki City sightseeing tour.  Here are five things we recommend you see, whether on your own or on a tour.

Flying into Bergen as part of a quick three day visit to Norway we were greeted with grey skies, despite it being the middle of summer. By the time we reached the centre of town, though, a quick 20 minute bus ride from the airport, the clouds had parted and Bergen was bathed in sunshine. And what a glorious sight it was!

If the spectacular beauty of the Norwegian fjords has been calling but you only have limited time to spare, the Norway in a Nutshell itinerary will show you the best of this magnificent country.  Your journey will include deep blue fjords, shimmering glaciers, fertile valleys, secluded lakes and snow covered mountains.

Scandinavia is a delightful destination at any time of the year, but winter is a truly magical time to visit.  Plan your Scandinavian holiday for the European winter and you'll find a myriad of things to see and do.

Pack your winter woollies and a warm coat, and experience a real European winter in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Lapland or Greenland.




Oslo, Norway’s capital and home to the Nobel Peace Prize Award, is a bustling city with plenty on offer. If Sydney can offer its visitors a swim in the central harbour, Oslo offers its visitors a ski jump in the middle of the city at Holmenkollen.

Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, offers an abundance of things for the visitor to see and do. Among the most popular stops on the Stockholm tourist trail are Drottningholm Palace, Skansen Open Air Museum, the Vasa Museum, Gamla Stan (the old town) and cruising the beautiful archipelago.

Visit Finland - the home of Santa Claus. Everyone knows the home of Santa Claus is Finland. You can meet him on any day of the year, without any charge, only in Finland. Finland is also the home of Santa Claus' favourite animal, the reindeer. At the Arctic Circle, Santa Claus has a post office of his own and the world’s only Main Santa Post Office.