Tips and Inspiration for your European holiday

Britain travel informationEvery corner of Britain offers something different for the visitor.  From the bustling capital, London, to quaint rural villages with their own special charm, there are no shortage of delightful places to visit.  The articles below will give you the inspiration to visit Britain - whether it be England, Scotland or Wales - and discover these delights for yourself. 



Having oohed and aahed at photos of the English region known as the Cotswolds for many years, I was thrilled to be finally able to visit the area myself and I wasn't disappointed.

One of the things I love about travelling to Europe and the UK is that there is always somewhere new to visit.  I do tend to return to one or two of my favourite places on each trip but I make sure to always include new destinations as well.

See the best of Britain and Wales by car on my 16 day self-drive itinerary.  Enjoy visiting cities and quaint rural villages along with some of Britain's most iconic sites, and all at a leisurely pace.

I'm a real garden lover and really enjoy visiting a special garden or two on my travels so when I was visiting the Cotswolds in 2013, I made sure that at least one of England's most famous gardens was on my itinerary. Europe and the UK are home to many famous gardens, a couple of which I've already managed to visit, including Italy's Isola Bella, but there are many more that have eluded me to date, so my visit to Hidcote Garden was highly anticipated.

Half-timbered Tudor houses, a busy canal and a friendly, country-town feel are the things that impressed me most about Stratford-upon-Avon in England's Midlands. My visits to Stratford have both been day trips from the Cotswolds, about 25 minutes away, and Shakespeare's old haunt certainly offers plenty of fun things to do.

There's nothing like the freedom of hiring a car and exploring a country at your own pace and when you're ready to escape the hustle and bustle of London there are an endless number of towns and villages to explore. After driving my way around England and Wales earlier this year, I've come up with 5 great road trips from London that I think you'll enjoy, too.

It's not surprising that English writers have flocked to the Lake District for many years. After all, the lush green countryside, craggy mountains, quaint villages and tranquil lakes would surely put anyone in the right frame of mind for writing. During my visit to this picturesque part of England this year I was able to see just what it is that attracts so many people to the region.

Long-favoured as a seaside getaway by the English, Cornwall was one of the first places I slotted into our self-drive tour of Britain. After seeing the jagged coastline and rolling green hills of Cornwall on TV many times, I was looking forward to finally visiting the south westerly part of England.

Wales is renowned for its many steam railways and whilst staying at Llandudno in northern Wales earlier this year, I enjoyed a fantastic afternoon riding the rails of the Ffestiniog Railway, the oldest railway company in the world still operating trains.