Tips and Inspiration for your European holiday

When driving in Europe and the United Kingdom, you'll probably travel on a toll road at some stage of your journey so it's a good idea to know where they are most common. There are a couple of exceptions where you will pay no road tolls but you may need to purchase a Vignette (toll sticker) instead. In this article I explain what a vignette is, where to purchase it and tell you in which countries you're most likely to find toll roads.

Driving on the roads in Europe you'll see lots of motor homes. Europeans love them and the freedom they provide. But is hiring a motorhome something you should consider for your European holiday? If you've previously hired a motorhome to travel around Australia or New Zealand, you might be surprised to find that rentals in Europe don't necessarily include everything they do Down Under.

Planning a two week self-drive visit to England and Wales caused a bit of a dilemma. There were so many places I wanted to include in my holiday yet I knew two weeks wouldn’t be enough time to see everything I wanted to, and that the time I had allowed in each place wouldn’t be long enough.

If you've decided to get around Europe by car, you may have assumed that hiring a vehicle is the only way to go. However, depending on which countries you plan to visit and the length of time you'll need the car for, a better option may be leasing.

If you are planning on driving whilst in Europe, it is recommended that you obtain an international licence, officially called an International Driving Permit (IDP), prior to your departure from Australia (or your home country).