Do you plan and book your holidays well ahead or are you more of a last-minute Charlie? I fall into the first category and start planning and booking my travels to Europe around nine or ten months ahead of departure.

Trip planning timelineImage © Kaspars Grinvalds / Adobe Stock Photo

I know that’s hard for a lot of travellers to comprehend but it allows me plenty of time to get everything in place and it’s convenient as it means I can make payments along the way, without having a huge expense just before I leave home for my trip.

As you’ll see from the booking timeline below, by booking the different components of my travels over a long period, I can spread out the costs and take advantage of early booking savings at the same time.

9 months before departure (or September/October when the early bird fares are released for travel the following year)

6 months before departure

3 months before departure

2 months before departure

1 month before departure

Once I’ve ticked all of the above off my list, I’m almost set to go but I also refer to my Pre-departure check list to make sure I’ve covered off all of the household tasks, too.


Then, I'm off to the airport.  Au revoir!


This planning timeline might not suit everyone, but it works for me.


Let me know how far in advance you plan and book your European travels.