Deciding what to wear on a long-haul flight can cause a bit of anxiety amongst travellers. With the flight to Europe from Australia taking around 24 hours, it’s essential that you wear comfortable clothing but what should your travelling outfit consist of?



Note: the items shown are not the exact items I wore but are similar.
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The outfit pictured above is what I wore on my recent flight to Europe:


Before finalising your travelling wardrobe, consider the following:

What is the climate you are departing from and the climate you are travelling to?

I usually travel to Europe for the months of June and July which means I’m departing Australia in winter and arriving in Europe in summer.  Because of this, my travel outfit includes a cardigan and a light jacket so that I stay warm on the way to the airport and on the flight but can easily remove the top layers when I arrive at my destination.  


Do you get cold on flights?

I tend to get cold on planes, particularly when I’m sleeping, so having a light jacket that I can put on is essential for me.


Can the majority of clothing items you plan to wear on the flight be worn at your destination?

On this year’s European holiday we experienced very warm weather and there were only a couple of occasions (mainly at night) when I needed to wear the cardigan. Whilst the jacket may not have been required during my travels, I don’t regret taking it as on previous trips we’ve experienced a cold snap and it it’s handy to have in case of a cooler day.


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Make sure the clothing you choose to wear on your long-haul flight:

When choosing your shoes, make sure they aren’t too tight and that they allow a bit of room in case your feet swell during the flight. Flat slip-on shoes are my preference.


What my husband wore on our long-haul flight to Europe

Taking into consideration all of the above factors, my husband's travelling outfit comprised:

What to wear for a long haul flight - mens outfit


Note: the items shown are not the exact items my husband wore but are similar. 
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Is your travel outfit similar to mine? Please tell me what you wear on long-haul flights in the comments below.