Tips and Inspiration for your European holiday


Australian PassportAustralian passport holders travelling to Turkey after April 10, 2014 will now be required to apply for an electronic visa prior to their arrival in Turkey. Currently the Turkish Government issues visas upon arrival but Australian travellers will now need to complete an e-visa application in advance of their travels.

Munich was on my 2013 European itinerary, albeit just for one night, and I had no hesitation in booking rooms at the 4* Holiday Inn Munich City Centre after staying there in 2010. Location and access to the S-bahn rail system which connects to the airport are two of the factors that make it a good choice in my books.

mondsee, austrian lakesOne of the best things about travel (if not THE best), is the new discoveries you make. Maybe your new 'discovery' is somewhere you've read about and have always wanted to visit or perhaps it's somewhere you have stumbled across by chance. Whatever the reason, discovering new towns and villages or regions that leave a lasting impression is what the best travel memories are made of. In 2013, I was lucky enough to 'discover' a number of new places on my eight week trip around Britain and Europe. These are my five greatest discoveries of 2013 (in no particular order).

I'm a real Euro-tragic. The months between trips to Europe are long ones for me. Forever planning what I'm going to see and do and what I'll visit on my next trip seems to occupy my mind much of the time. Sometimes the pleasures of running a European travel website can be painful - pondering which gorgeous cottage or apartment to stay in, choosing which tour will take me where I want to go - it can seem like torture if my next trip is many months away!

Adventure Photo competition entryI'm the first to admit I'm no daredevil and extreme activities like bungee jumping, sky diving and swimming with sharks are definitely off my radar. I'm not at all keen on heights so I've only ever made it to the first level of the Eiffel Tower and it can be unpleasant for me to take a cable car ride so I guess my kind of adventure travel may seem a little dull to some!



Until this year, I'd never taken a ride on one of the Hop On Hop Off buses that you see in just about every city in the world. You know the kind - double decker, open-topped buses full of people wearing ear plugs and with cameras at the ready! Usually one to discover a city on foot, this time I thought it was about time I too climbed onto the top deck for a city tour and I've become quite a convert.

In today's modern techno age, many of us are connected to the internet no matter where we are. At home, at work, on public transport, at restaurants - rightly or wrongly we are often connected on our mobile devices or computers all our waking hours. Naturally, when we stay in a hotel, we expect to be able to connect to the internet quickly and easily - and for free - but not all hotels offer complimentary WiFi access to their guests and this is becoming an increasingly important factor when choosing where to stay for either business or leisure.

Making the decision to book a flight to Europe is one that most people don't take lightly. After all, it's a big financial commitment. Before you bite the bullet and part with your hard earned cash, take a look at five things I think you should know before you book your flight to Europe.

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and although neither of us needed it after eating our way around Europe for eight weeks, I decided to surprise my husband with an apple strudel making lesson and tasting at Vienna's Schonbrunn Palace on the last day of our holiday.  With a German/Austrian background, my hubby is very fond of the Viennese speciality so the chance to watch it being made to its traditional recipe AND to try a piece, was something that went down very well (literally!).