Tips and Inspiration for your European holiday


What? You’re going to Europe AGAIN? Why don’t you go somewhere different? If I had a dollar for every time I’d heard those questions in the past few years I’d be flying first class all the way! To many people, my obsession with Europe and my repeat visits there is bewildering but I know I’m not the only crazy Europe-addict out there.

Coach tours are a popular way to see Europe whether it’s your first visit or a subsequent trip. With so many different types of coach tours available, how do you decide which is the right one for you?

I was rapt late last year when my brother told me he was going to Germany on a business trip.  I've been banging on for years about how much I love Europe, so I was pleased that finally he'd have some idea of what I was talking about!

Welcome to my first post of 2015. I hope you had a fantastic festive season and were able to enjoy some rest and relaxation. I’ve spent a wonderful couple of weeks with family and friends and have also had time to reflect on the past year and plan for the year ahead.

As a gardener and garden lover, I love to visit the magnificent gardens of the UK and Europe whilst on my travels.  I've been lucky enough to visit some famous and not-so-famous gardens over the years and admire the work of the talented and dedicated designers and gardeners who tend lovingly to these living works of art.  Despite sometimes being crowded due to their popularity, each of the gardens I've visited has had a calming effect on me and has left me aspiring to create a little of this magic in my own garden.

Home exchange and house sitting have become buzz words in the world of travel lately with more and more travellers using these forms of accommodation to save on their travel costs.  Nicole Connolly and Michael Wright are an Australian couple who are currently just over 1000 days into their full time travels around the world and it's fair to say they are experts at house sitting.  They share their travel and  house sitting experiences on their blog Suitcase Stories. Nicole agreed to answer some of my questions about house sitting which I'm sharing with you below.

One of the reasons I never tire of visiting Europe is because it is so big and there are so many new places to see. I tend to return to a couple of favourite haunts on each trip but I always make sure to include new regions in my itinerary and it's always exciting heading to a new destination.

christmas-gift-ideasDeciding what to give a loved one for Christmas gets harder and harder each year. If you buy for someone who is inflicted with Europe-itis like me, (or perhaps you suffer from it yourself), you may not be able to give them a ticket to Paris or Rome but these Europe- and travel-themed products might make your Christmas shopping easier. These gift ideas will give your loved one a little piece of Europe without actually being there. I know I’d be happy to find them in my stocking on Christmas morning!



I was rapt recently when two gorgeous books arrived in my mail box for me to review. Both coffee table books by Australian journalist and photographer, Janelle McCulloch, the books would make an ideal gift for anyone who loves France, or as a special treat for yourself.