Tips and Inspiration for your European holiday


The promise of five star accommodation, three swimming pools and rooms with sea views were the deciding factors in my decision to book at Michelangelo Resort and Spa on the island of Kos for the final week of our recent European holiday. And I’m so glad I did.

Each time I travel to Europe is just as exciting as the last.  There is always somewhere new to visit, a favourite destination to return to and lots and lots of travel tips to learn!  I'm always interested to see if things have changed since previous visits, too.  There are many long standing traditions and habits that are still practised today but sometimes you notice changing trends.  I jotted down some observations from my recent trip which might be useful for you to know when planning your European holiday.

Like to follow my travels through France, Italy and Greece during the European summer of 2015?  I'll be updating this 'diary' every few days during my travels so you can see what I'm getting up to.  You can also follow my travels on the Holidays to Europe Facebook page.

Flying to Europe is not something most people consider fun. Not only is 20-odd hours spent on a plane boring and tiring, it can also make you feel decidedly ‘yuk’. It’s also not something that we should take lightly as failure to take care of our health in-flight can have serious consequences.

I’m on the countdown to the day of departure for my annual trip to Europe and whilst I have all the travel and accommodation booked (I do like to be organized!), I have left plenty of room in my itinerary for some spontaneity when it comes to what to see and do - and I'd love your input.

In France, there’s a boulangerie on just about every street (often more than one) and patisserie window displays tease you with their tempting goodies. In fact, if you don’t start the day with a baguette or pain au chocolat you can’t really expect to be considered French. (Updated: 20 October 2015)

What? You’re going to Europe AGAIN? Why don’t you go somewhere different? If I had a dollar for every time I’d heard those questions in the past few years I’d be flying first class all the way! To many people, my obsession with Europe and my repeat visits there is bewildering but I know I’m not the only crazy Europe-addict out there.

Coach tours are a popular way to see Europe whether it’s your first visit or a subsequent trip. With so many different types of coach tours available, how do you decide which is the right one for you?

I was rapt late last year when my brother told me he was going to Germany on a business trip.  I've been banging on for years about how much I love Europe, so I was pleased that finally he'd have some idea of what I was talking about!