Tips and Inspiration for your European holiday


For many years the favoured way to see Europe was either on a coach tour with 40 or 50 others, or as an independent traveller exploring the continent by train or car.  Whilst these two methods of travel still appeal to a large number of travellers there are those who want something in between and that’s where a small group tour of Europe - with all its advantages - comes in.

Viking River Cruise

Having decided to join the growing number of Australians who are enjoying a relaxing discovering of Europe onboard a European river cruise, you’ll probably be wondering which cruise company to choose.  You might also be wondering how the cabin sizes differ and whether or not you should book a standard cabin or pay more for a suite or a cabin with its own personal veranda or ‘balcony’.

For the majority of Australians who are travelling to Europe on holidays, visas won’t be necessary as their holiday won’t be longer than two or three months, however there are rules on how long Australians can stay in Europe.

As regular readers will know, each time I visit Europe I incorporate both new destinations and some old favourites in my itinerary, and 2015 was no exception.

Via Francigena pilgrim trailWhen most people think of walking along a pilgrim’s trail they immediately think of the Camino di Santiago (The Way of St. James), an 800-odd kilometre trail which leads to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain.  Another ancient pilgrim path that’s becoming more well known, though, is the Via Francigena (Francigena Way).



I think we’re all agreed that, given the choice, we’d all prefer to fly Business class over Economy, but the price difference usually puts paid to that. So what about Premium Economy - is it a good compromise if you can’t afford a Business class ticket but desperately want more legroom and a seat that reclines a little further?

When we start making plans for that long-awaited holiday, we never imagine that anything will go wrong.  However, despite the most careful of planning, sometimes the unexpected does occur and a hiccup or two puts a spanner in the works.

Where do I start?  Regular readers will know that I just can’t get enough of Europe and, fortunately for me, I get to feed my passion for all things European once a year on my annual two month holiday.  Each time I visit Europe, I like to include a mix of new destinations and some old favourites but there often seems to be a recurring theme to the places I visit.  I guess you could say these are my favourite things about Europe and the reasons I keep returning.

I don’t think anyone would disagree that long haul flights - especially the loooong flight from Australia to Europe - in economy class is not something to look forward to. Therefore the seat you are allocated on the plane can make a huge difference as to whether your flight is just bearable or actually enjoyable.