Tips and Inspiration for your European holiday


For the majority of Australians who are travelling to Europe on holidays, visas won’t be necessary as their holiday won’t be longer than two or three months, however there are rules on how long Australians can stay in Europe.

As regular readers will know, each time I visit Europe I incorporate both new destinations and some old favourites in my itinerary, and 2015 was no exception.

I think we’re all agreed that, given the choice, we’d all prefer to fly Business class over Economy, but the price difference usually puts paid to that. So what about Premium Economy - is it a good compromise if you can’t afford a Business class ticket but desperately want more legroom and a seat that reclines a little further?

When we start making plans for that long-awaited holiday, we never imagine that anything will go wrong.  However, despite the most careful of planning, sometimes the unexpected does occur and a hiccup or two puts a spanner in the works.

Where do I start?  Regular readers will know that I just can’t get enough of Europe and, fortunately for me, I get to feed my passion for all things European once a year on my annual two month holiday.  Each time I visit Europe, I like to include a mix of new destinations and some old favourites but there often seems to be a recurring theme to the places I visit.  I guess you could say these are my favourite things about Europe and the reasons I keep returning.

I don’t think anyone would disagree that long haul flights - especially the loooong flight from Australia to Europe - in economy class is not something to look forward to. Therefore the seat you are allocated on the plane can make a huge difference as to whether your flight is just bearable or actually enjoyable.

From the moment we drove into the car park of the Hotel Savoy in Selva di Val Gardena, I knew this was going to be a wonderful place to stay.  First impressions count and I loved the alpine chalet-style look of the hotel, its balconies overflowing with summer flowers.

Unless you are married to an airline CEO, travel frequently for business (and work for a corporate organization) or are a celebrity, chances are you will rarely, if ever, experience flying business class. Having enjoyed this luxury – and LOVED it - I’m always keen to find ways to secure business class seats for as little as possible. UPDATED WITH A READER'S EXPERIENCE: 30 August, 2015.

Before my most recent trip to Europe, I shared my itinerary with you and listed some of the things I hoped to see and do whilst on my travels. I was able to tick many of those things off my list but, as with all holidays, sometimes plans change or circumstances prevent us doing as we originally hoped.