Tips and Inspiration for your European holiday


Just the thought of flying to the other side of the world with children would put many people off but believe me, there are ways to make it quite bearable. Good preparation is the key and after numerous trips to Europe with my kids, I've picked up a few tips that should help you survive the long-haul flight, too. (Updated May 2016)

Visiting one of Europe's local markets is a great way to spend an hour or two as it gives you a true sense of local life. Many towns, particularly in Italy and France, have a regular market where everything from food to clothing is sold. Markets are not only central to the European way of shopping, they are an important social occasion as residents catch up with their neighbours and stall holders that make the weekly trip to market. Food is such an important element in the typical European household that it's no wonder it features so prominently at the local market.

Most of us love a bargain and when it comes to fashion, particularly 'brand name' items, who can resist? Whilst your European holiday is probably going to include visits to plenty of churches, museums and monuments, why not take some time out for a bit of retail therapy and head to one of Europe's many outlet shopping villages?


There are a number of different options to consider regarding how you will take your spending money to Europe. Will you take travellers cheques, a pre-paid card or use your credit card? 

These days with the options available, travellers cheques are not as widely used.  Many travellers find it easier to use their ATM card at the thousands of ATMs abroad. I recommend you check with your bank that your card is compatible for use overseas - generally if your card bears the Cirrus or Maestro symbol it is OK - but please check to be certain.  Fees do apply each time you make a withdrawal, so again, check with your bank.

Europe offers the visitor so much variety and deciding which countries and cities to visit can be a very hard decision. This A to Z of European Cities is a brief summary of some of the most popular destinations in Europe.  It's by no means a list of the only places to visit but I hope it gives you some destinations to consider visiting on your next holiday to Europe or the UK.