Tips and Inspiration for your European holiday

Before my most recent trip to Europe, I shared my itinerary with you and listed some of the things I hoped to see and do whilst on my travels. I was able to tick many of those things off my list but, as with all holidays, sometimes plans change or circumstances prevent us doing as we originally hoped.

So, which places didn’t I visit and why?

Firstly, we didn’t spend any time in Paris :( Unfortunately we had a medical issue that needed attending to at the very last minute and we had to delay our departure from Australia by five days. Originally we were planning to attend the Legends Tournament at the French Open Tennis but in order to ‘catch up’ the missing days on our trip, we decided not to stay in Paris at all (we have Paris visited before). Whilst we were happy with our decision, it did mean that by the time we arrived at our accommodation in Olonzac in the south of France, we’d been travelling 42 hours!


Collioure, France
Although we were visiting quite early in the summer, we did find numerous fields of lavender in Provence - which were duly photographed. Sunflowers were harder to spot, though. We did pass some sunflower fields but the flower heads were still developing, so no big yellow sunny faces!

A visit to the village of St. Paul de Vence was in my plans during our two night stay near Nice however in the end we decided against this. The roads were very busy around Nice on the weekend we visited due to the annual Festival of Music and the drive to St. Paul de Vence would have taken a good hour or so in normal traffic conditions so we decided to catch the local bus and head to Monte Carlo for dinner instead - as you do!

Roussillon, Provence, France

I have previously visited both Venice and Verona and they are easily accessible from Salo on Lake Garda where we stayed. This time we decided against visiting either city as the temperatures were in the high 30’s C and we couldn’t face the crowds in that kind of heat.

As a garden lover I’ve always wanted to visit Trauttmansdorff Gardens in Merano, close to The Dolomites in northern Italy and I thought I might get there this time. It wasn’t to be for a couple of reasons - once we had arrived in The Dolomites we really didn’t want to leave, and we decided to take up the offer of friends who live a bit further south and join them for lunch. We had a really nice day so I wasn’t disappointed - and the gardens will still be there next time!


Villa Ephruss, France

From Kos, the Greek island where we spent our final week, we had thought of taking a boat trip to Bodrum on the Turkish coast as it’s only a 30 minute ferry ride. We really went into relax mode when we arrived on the island, though, and we ended up spending most of our time at the resort.

Despite not visiting some of the places I had originally intended to, our trip was wonderful with lots of new discoveries. I’ll share the highlights of my 2015 European travels with you soon.


Is there somewhere you were unable to visit on a holiday that you are longing to see?  Please tell me about it in the comments below.