French restaurantOne of the pleasures of travelling to another country is the opportunity to try the local specialities. Food markets are very popular in Europe, particularly in France and Italy, and are a great place to purchase the freshest, locally grown and produced foods. For those who are a little more adventurous, a visit to the supermarket or restaurant can mean the chance to try something really different to what you'd eat at home.

There's no doubt that most Europeans would turn their nose up at Vegemite on toast and there are a few foods in Europe that would make many Aussies cringe, too.



Snails anyone?

In France, my husband and eldest son tried snails with garlic butter. I believed them when they told me they tasted quite like chicken - but I'll never be able to confirm that! Call me a wuss, but things that crawl around in the garden (or hop, for that matter!) aren't to my liking.

Most of us probably associate caviar with the rich and famous but the Scandinavians enjoy it for breakfast. That's right - caviar can be purchased at the supermarket in a squeezable tube - very handy for spreading on your toast in the morning.

Another unusual menu item I've come across was at a theme park in Italy. My kids were offered mayonnaise on their French Fries!! They politely declined and went for the tomato sauce instead.

What's the most unusual thing you've eaten whilst travelling?

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