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Having stayed in Eurocamp holiday parcs in Europe on numerous occasions, I thought it was time I wrote a review and told you exactly what you can expect with this type of accommodation and why I love it.

Eurocamp review 

“ Eurocamp is a self-catering accommodation option throughout Europe that is particularly appealing to families but is also a good alternative for couples. “

The majority of Eurocamp’s guests are English, however this cost-effective holiday option is perfectly suited to Australians and New Zealanders who tend to stay in Europe longer. With the long flight time between Australia and New Zealand and the UK/Europe, most Aussies and Kiwis holiday on the continent for at least four weeks.

Without a doubt, one of the greatest expenses of a European holiday is the cost of accommodation and this is especially so when travelling with children. That’s where Eurocamp fits the bill.

Most hotels and B & B’s only accommodate a maximum of two guests, (occasionally three), so for a family of four, two rooms must be paid for – doubling the family’s accommodation bill. This would, understandably, deter many families from planning a European holiday, so family-friendly alternatives like Eurocamp are a great option.

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Eurocamp mobile homes at Gitzenweilerhof, LindauEurocamp mobile homes at Gitzenweilerhof parc at Lindau, Germany.

My Eurocamp experiences

When considering our first family holiday to Europe in 2000, a friend who had lived in England mentioned an English company who offer camping and mobile home holidays in Europe. We ordered a brochure, and when it arrived a week or so later, we were impressed with the variety of accommodation styles and destinations Eurocamp offered.

We went ahead and booked and on our first camping holiday with Eurocamp in 2000, we spent three nights each at seven different parks in four countries. In hindsight, this was probably packing too much into too short a time (especially with young children), so on our 2005 holiday we extended our stay to six nights at each of three parks, and three nights at our final park (where we had previously stayed).

Returning to Europe again in 2008, we spent a total of 12 nights at two different parks.

Eurocamp Natterersee AustriaThe holiday parc at Natterersee, just outside of Innsbruck, is built around a lovely lake.

I then returned to stay at our favourite parc, Jungfrau Camping in Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland, in 2013 when I travelled to Europe with my husband, adult sons and parents, and in 2015 my husband and I spent three nights in a Eurocamp mobile home at Lake Garda in Italy.

In total, together with my family, I have stayed in nine different holiday parcs in four countries on five separate occasions.

Who are Eurocamp?

Eurocamp was founded in the UK back in 1973. It’s now part of the Homair Vacances group and is based in Cheshire in England.

What is Eurocamp accommodation like?

Eurocamp offer various styles of accommodation, including tents and mobile homes (on-site cabins), which they place at over 180 top quality camping grounds (or ‘parcs’) in 13 European countries.  At some parcs there is also the opportunity to stay in tree houses and lodges.  

All Eurocamp accommodation is fully equipped, with everything from cutlery and crockery to the kitchen sink!  Mobile homes are also fitted with their own shower and toilet.

Tents come in two- and three-bedroom options, sleeping up to six.  Beds are steel-framed and include proper mattreses with springs.  Storage space is provided in both the kitchen and main bedroom.  As well as all cooking utensils, the kitchen has a gas grill and hot plates, and a fridge with freezer compartment.

Interior of Eurocamp mobile homeInterior of Eurocamp mobile home - please excuse the mess!

Eurocamp mobile homes come in numerous sizes with two- and three-bedroom options, sleeping up to eight.  As well as having their own shower and toilet, mobile homes include a full kitchen, and a dining area. Most include a hairdryer, whilst iPod docks are standard.  Some mobile homes include air conditioning, gas BBQs and decking.

To save you the hassle of taking linen from home, Eurocamp offer a linen hire service – which includes sheets, pillowcases, towels and bathmats - at all parcs.  Blankets are provided in all accommodation.  Other extras that you can pre-book include beach towel hire and a range of ‘essentials’ packs containing things like toilet paper, tea and coffee, toiletries, washing up liquid, soap, etc.

“ A camping holiday like this really is luxury camping. “

Eurocamp welcome packAs well as linen hire, Eurocamp also offer the option to pre-purchase a welcome pack containing all the essentials you'll need.

Where are Eurocamp holiday parcs located?

Whilst the majority of the holiday parcs are located in France, Spain and Italy, you will also find them scattered throughout many of Europe’s other popular locations, including Austria, Switzerland and Germany and the new hot spot of Croatia.  You’ll also find parcs in Portugal, Holland and Luxembourg.

Depending on which parc or parcs you are visiting, car hire is generally required as many parcs are located away from major rail lines, often situated in quaint rural villages or on the outskirts of busy cities. Having said that, parcs in Paris and near Rome and Florence are within easy commuting distance to the main attractions.

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“ With so many parcs to choose from, there is a destination to suit everyone, and this style of holiday is particularly good for families but if you’re travelling as a couple, it’s perfect, too. ”

In this video I give you a tour of the interior of a Eurocamp 'classic' mobile home.

What facilities are available at a Eurocamp holiday parc?

To keep Mum and Dad happy, nearly all parks have their own shop or supermarket, as well as a cafe or restaurant, and laundry facilities.

Kids are kept entertained too, with plenty of room to run around, great playgrounds, and in some cases, swimming pools, games rooms or beach access.

Larger parcs offer free Kids Clubs catering for children up to 17 years old – a great way for your kids to meet other children and an opportunity for you to enjoy some ‘time out’ of your own.

Being an English company, this type of holiday is extremely popular with British families, but we have also met families from Germany and Holland, who also appreciate the good value and family-friendly atmosphere of this style of holiday.

Eurocamp parc Lake GardaWeekend Camping holiday parc at Lake Garda has two pools (one for children) and overlooks the lake.

What are the advantages of a Eurocamp holiday?

Unlike many other self-catering accommodation options in Europe, a Eurocamp holiday can start on any day of the week and there are no minimum or maximum stay requirements.

“ For our family, the advantages of staying in holiday parks have been many. “

As the accommodation is the same no matter where you stay, you can be sure of what you are going to get – there are no nasty surprises when you arrive!

The benefit of being able to cook your own meals goes without saying, and the on-site supermarket means you won’t need to lug groceries for miles.

Company ‘couriers’ live on-site and are on hand to welcome you on arrival and to offer assistance and recommendations throughout your stay.

Shop at Eurocamp parc, LauterbrunnenThe shop and restaurant at Jungfrau Camping, Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland).

On days when you are not off sightseeing, the kids will be kept amused at the on-site playground or swimming pool, or at the Kids Club. Our football-loving boys always managed to find somewhere to kick a ball around and let off some steam!

Eurocamp holidays are very affordable

The biggest advantage, though, is definitely the price of this style of holiday.  Staying in holiday parks can work out up to 70% cheaper than a 3 star hotel in the same location, particularly when you can take advantage of early bird offers which are available each October for travelling the following year. 

Another popular offer is Eurocamp’s ‘long stay’ discount which offers savings of up to 30% for stays of 21 nights or more.

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Jungfrau Camping EurocampHoliday parcs provide plenty of space for kids to play and for adults to enjoy the great outdoors.

Any disadvantages?

Whilst not necessarily disadvantages, the things I’d recommend you consider and weigh up before booking a Eurocamp holiday include:

•    Does the accommodation you have chosen have air conditioning?  This is particularly important if travelling during July and August, especially in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy.

•    Are you travelling with older teens?  The single beds are reasonably narrow however our 16 year old son coped fine.

•    Will you have a car? Your own vehicle really is necessary to access the majority of the Eurocamp holiday parcs.

•    Be sure to check the size of the parc/s you are considering.  Some parcs are huge with 1500 or more tent/mobile home sites so if you prefer a quieter location, keep this in mind.

•    Eurocamp holidays aren’t available year round. Most holiday parcs that Eurocamp use open from May to September although there are a few that open earlier and close later.


Eurocamp mobile home at Jungfrau Camping, LauterbrunnenEurocamp mobile home at Jungfrau Camping, Lauterbrunnen.

Since our family’s first Eurocamp stay in 2000, and on our recommendation, many of our friends have also enjoyed this style of holiday and have been really impressed.

I would thoroughly recommend a Eurocamp vacation to anyone, couple or family, who is looking for an affordable holiday in Europe.

Map of Eurocamp locationsMap of Eurocamp locations. (Image courtesy of Eurocamp website.)

Which Eurocamp holiday parcs have I stayed at?

A couple of the parcs I stayed at in the early 2000s are now no longer used by Eurocamp but I’ve included links to the other parcs I have stayed in.  By clicking on the links below you can find out more info about each holiday parc.

2000 – Germany – Koblenz and Kirchberg; Austria – Camping Natterersee (near Innsbruck); Italy - Ca Savio near Venice; Italy - Lake Garda; Switzerland - Camping Jungfrau at Lauterbrunnen. Total of 21 nights in tents.

2005 – Germany – Lindau (on Lake Constance); Switzerland – Camping Jungfrau at Lauterbrunnen; Italy - Weekend Camping at Lake Garda; Austria – Camping Natterersee. Total of 21 nights in mobile homes.

2008 –  Switzerland – Camping Jungfrau at Lauterbrunnen; Italy - Lake Garda (parc no longer used by Eurocamp).  Total of 12 nights in mobile homes.

2013 – Switzerland – Camping Jungfrau at Lauterbrunnen. Total of 3 nights in mobile home.

2015 – Italy - Weekend Camping at Lake Garda.  Total of 3 nights in mobile home.

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This article was originally published in 2011 and has been updated to reflect my stays at Eurocamp holiday parcs since then.


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# Carolyn 2015-09-01 15:20
Quoting Joanne Watson:
Hi , I am currently planning our 2nd European holiday for August 2016 . On our first trip we stayed predominately at B&b's ,few hotels where necessary at a AirBnb unit. Keen to try this option . How do I get the brochure you mentioned in you article so I can kick off my planning ?

Hi Joanne, I definitely recommend you consider holiday parks for at least some of your accommodation in Europe. As far as I'm aware the brochures are no longer available in Australia (there was an Australian agent for a while) but you can order the brochure to be sent to you from the UK by using this link: The link also takes you to the main website where you can browse all the parcs. From my own experience, early booking deals usually come out around September/Octob er for the following year's travel.

If you have any questions about staying at the holiday parcs, please don't hesitate to ask me. I stayed at a holiday parc at Lake Garda again this year.
# Joanne Watson 2015-09-01 08:45
Hi , I am currently planning our 2nd European holiday for August 2016 . On our first trip we stayed predominately at B&b's ,few hotels where necessary at a AirBnb unit. Keen to try this option . How do I get the brochure you mentioned in you article so I can kick off my planning ?
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# Carolyn 2013-09-17 15:40
Thanks for stopping by, Jolene. I'm really glad the post - and the blog - is useful. As I mentioned in the post, I highly recommend staying in holiday parks in Europe. We stayed at Lauterbrunnen again in July this year and it didn't disappoint.

All the best for your 2014 European holiday - you, and the kids, will love it!
# Jolene 2013-09-15 12:41
What a great discovery - this blog post and the option of holiday parks in Europe! We have 4 kids (10, 8,5&2 at time of travel in 2014) and this might just be a life-saving idea - it will already be expensive with flights etc, and we quite like holiday parks here in AUS. Thanks for giving us another option to research!
# Carolyn 2013-02-22 10:56
Hi Janelle,

I can highly recommend holiday parks as an affordable way to see Europe. They are great for families but also for couples and with so many locations to choose from, you are spoilt for choice.

Thanks for dropping by.
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