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Once every decade, in the small Bavarian town of Oberammergau, a unique event takes place.  It’s known as the Passion Play and involves up to 2,000 locals re-enacting the story of Christ’s crucifixion. 

Insight Vacations Passion Play 2020Image courtesy Passion Play Oberammergau
Australians are amongst the half million or so people who visit the town each time the play is performed, and with the next performance scheduled for 2020, Oberammergau Passion Play tickets are already in great demand. 

One year out from the next performance I’ve already received emails from Holidays to Europe readers asking me how to buy tickets and what is the best Oberammergau Passion Play tour to do.   

With interest in the event already high – and individual tickets hard to get hold of - I have put together a summary of the different tour operators that are offering Passion Play 2020 tours.

Oberammergau house photo Trafalgar ToursImage courtesy of Trafalgar Tours

But first, a bit more about the Oberammergau Passion Play history.   

Back in 1633 the residents of Oberammergau, like many other towns and cities across Europe, were struggling with the ravages of bubonic plague. 

After the death of around 100 local residents, the people vowed to God that if they were spared further death from the plague they would put on a play depicting the life of Jesus. 

Their prayers were answered and, true to their word, the people of Oberammergau have staged the play ever since.  It’s held every ten years and the 2020 performance will be the 42nd occasion the play has been staged. 


>> Read more on the 2020 Passion Play in this article: Things to do in Oberammergau, Germany – the Passion Play town <<


Oberammergau Passion Play 2020 dates 

The Play will be staged over five months in 2020 with the opening performance scheduled for May 16 and the final performance to be held on October 4. 


Passion Play crucifixionImage courtesy Passion Play Oberammergau

Oberammergau Passion Play 2020 tours 

After contacting the major tour operators in Australia, I’ve put together the following summary (in no particular order) of the various companies who are offering Oberammergau Passion Play 2020 tickets as part of their upcoming tour itineraries. 

Many of the tours will also visit other popular destinations close to Oberammergau including the royal castles of Neuschwanstein and Linderhof, and the towns of Fussen and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. 

Quick summary of tour companies offering itineraries which will include Oberammergau Passion Play tickets:

  • Albatross Tours - 6 tours ranging from 5 to 23 days
  • Great Trains of Europe Tours - 3 tours, each 21 days
  • Collette Tours - 7 tours ranging from 9 to 12 days
  • Insight Vacations - 5 tours ranging from 10 to 15 days
  • Trafalgar Tours - 8 tours ranging from 9 to 13 days
  • Globus - 11 tours ranging from 8 to 14 days
  • Cosmos - 1 tour, 7 days
  • Evergreen Cruises and Tours - 3-day cruise add-on
  • Scenic - 2 itineraries, 6 and 8 days
  • APT/Travelmarvel - to be advised
  • Viking River Cruises - 1 cruise itinerary of 10 days

Read on for further details about each of the tour companies and the key selling points they will offer on their Oberammergau 2020 tours and to determine which are the best Oberammergau tours for you.

Albatross Tours

Albatross Logo Transparent 2018





  • An Alpine Adventure plus the Oberammergau Experience - 20 days
  • Black Forest, Bavaria & the Tyrol plus the Oberammergau Experience - 17 days
  • East Germany & the Czech Republic plus the Oberammergau Experience - 20 days
  • Italian Lakes & Tuscany plus the Oberammergau Experience - 23 days
  • Salzburg, Bavarian ‘Fairytale’ Palaces plus the Oberammergau Experience - 7 days
  • Innsbruck, Bavarian ‘Fairytale’ Palaces plus the Oberammergau Experience - 5 days

Price range: Approximate pricing will be available in June 2018.

Age group: 40+ 

Oberammergau inclusions: 

  • Includes 2 nights in first class, centrally location Oberammergau accommodation 
  • Premium category ‘1’ best in house’ seating for the Passion Play 
  • Services of a highly experienced Tour Manager

Key selling point/point of difference:

  •  Travel with the Passion Play Specialists 
    Operating European tours successfully for well over 20 years, this will be the third Oberammergau Passion Play series we have operated! In 2020, we will be offering over 40 departures from May to October. 
  • Guaranteed best seats for the Passion Play 
    We have reserved premium seating CATEGORY 1 for all performances to make sure you have the best possible seats for the Passion Play! 
  • Relaxed pace with longer stays 
    Our tours are always designed to have a more leisurely pace with 2, 3 and even 4 night stays in each captivating city or region. 
  • Small, more intimate groups 
    Enjoy a more personal experience travelling with a small group of like-minded travellers. Our group sizes range from just 10 to 28. 
  • Genuinely inclusive 
    Albatross tours are genuinely inclusive and already include special excursions, feature dinners and sightseeing for you - even your ‘end of tour’ tips are included! We assure you there are NO ‘optional’ activity costs. 
  • My Time’ Guaranteed! 
    On every itinerary we ensure adequate, well planned ‘My Time’. This enables for more time for you to relax, to explore at your own pace as well as more time to immerse yourself in each destination you have travelled so far to see!   

Are bookings open yet?  Yes.

Other relevant information:

Albatross Tours Oberammergau brochureAlbatross Tours' Oberammergau Passion Play tours brochure is now available. Order your brochure now







 Visit website

Great Trains of Europe Tours  

great trains of europe tours




  • Off the Beaten Track with Oberammergau Passion Play - 21 days
  • Blossoms and Bulbs with Oberammergau Play - 21 days
  • Italy’s Captials and Swiss Alps with Oberammergau Passion Play - 21 days

Price range: each tour is $13,950  

Age group: All ages welcome but generally 55+ 

Key selling point/point of difference:

All tours use quality 4 star hotels with buffet breakfasts, First Class Rail travel in reserved First Class seats, Full luggage handling between hotels, all stops 3 or 4 nights, one dinner at each stop, Tour Director is a published Australian historian who is also the company owner. 

Are bookings open yet?  YES 

Other relevant information:

Blossoms and Bulbs with Oberammergau Passion Play allows you to experience both the Pasion Play and the Chelsea Flower Show on the one tour. 


Visit website

Collette Tours 

Collette Logo





 Collette Tours' Oberammergau 2020 itineraries:

  • Discover Switzerland, Austria and Bavaria with Oberammergau Passion Play - 9 days
  • Austrian Delight with Oberammergau Passion Play - 9 days
  • Imperial Cities with Oberammergau Passion Play - 10 days - More Info & prices
  • Classic Danube River Cruise with Oberammergau Passion Play - 9-10 days* 
  • Germany’s Romantic and Fairy Tale Roads with Oberammergau Passion Play - 12 days - More Info & prices
  • Exploring the Alpine Countries of Austria, Germany and Switzerland with Oberammergau Passion Play - 12 days - More Info & prices
  • Alpine Explorer - 11 days - More Info & prices

*includes a 6 night Danube River cruise

Price range: from $5,500

Age group: 40+

Oberammergau inclusions:

  • Excellent seating options, pre-booked meal during the interval, conveniently located hotels 

Key selling point/point of difference :

Collette is the #1 Passion Play Tour Company 
1.       Collette had the largest allotment of tickets in 2010 
2.       We run tours to Oberammergau year round so we know the destination 
3.        Collette's tours will feature 4 star accommodations* 
4.        Our seating options will be among the best available 
5.        We are one of the industry's oldest and most trusted companies 
6.        Even with Collette, tickets will be limited 
7.       Available to book space now! 
Are bookings open yet?   Yes 

Insight Vacations

 Insight Vacations logo




  • Road to Rome (with Oberammergau) - 12 days
  • Easy Pace Italy (with Oberammergau) - 13 days - More Info & prices
  • Best of Germany (with Oberammergau) - 10 days
  • Italian Elegance (with Oberammergau) - 15 days - More Info & prices
  • Country Roads of Bavaria, Switzerland and Austria (with Oberammergau) - 11 days - More Info & prices

Price range: from $4,025 
Age group: from 5 years of age 

Oberammergau inclusions: 

  • Every Insight Vacations that goes to Oberammergau includes Signature Experiences, Included Highlights, Authentic Regional Flavours or Signature Dining, Stays at the best addresses, additional 5 star services  

Key selling point/point of difference :

  • Guests travelling with Insight Vacations are guaranteed signature accommodation, staying in the heart of the destination at handpicked.  
  • Also as previously stated, the spectacular Passion Play that has made this town famous can be watched from your premium seat as local villagers perform as they have since 1634 in this once in a decade event. An emotive and critically acclaimed performance depicting Christ’s last days.  

Are bookings open yet?  YES 


Trafalgar Tours (including CostSaver)

Trafalgar logo




Trafalgar Tours' Oberammergau itineraries:

  • Great Italian cities with Oberammergau (Trafalgar) - 13 days - More Info & pricees
  • Sound of Music with Oberammergau (Trafalgar) - 9 days - More Info & prices
  • Imperial Europe with Oberammergau (Trafalgar) - 12 days - More Info & prices
  • Best of Germany with Oberammergau (Trafalgar) - 12 days - More Info & prices
  • European Whirl with Oberammergau (Trafalgar) - 12 days - More Info & prices
  • Switzerland and Austria with Oberammergau (Trafalgar) - 13 days - More Info & prices
  • Jewels of Italy with Oberammergau (CostSaver) - 10 days 
  • Imperial Highlights with Oberammergau (CostSaver) - 11 days - More Info & prices
  • European Experience with Oberammergau (CostSaver) - 12 days

Price range:
  from $2495 
Age group: from 5 years of age 

Key selling point/point of difference:

  • Every Trafalgar Oberammergau 2020 trip includes a Be My Guest Experience, Local Specialists and a Travel Director. 

Are bookings open yet?   Yes 

Other relevant information:

Best of Germany with Oberammergau and Imperial Europe are the current top sellers.


Globus logo





Price range: from $2949 

Are bookings open yet? Yes 



Cosmos logo




 Cosmos' Oberammergau 2020 offering:


Price range: from $2239


Key selling point / point of difference:

  • Final itineraries and price guarantees are available now.


Oberammergau inclusions:

  • Cosmos guests will enjoy first-class seating. Comfortable accommodation is conveniently located in the heart of the town.

Are bookings open yet?  Yes

European River Cruises with Oberammergau Passion Play add-ons


Evergreen Tours and Cruises  

Evergreen logo




Evergreen are offering guests on their 2020 Emerald Waterways European river cruises* the opportunity to experience the Oberammergau Passion Play.  (*Selected departures only.) 

Price range: Add onto your cruise fare from $1,785 per person* twin share  
VERY LIMITED DATES AND AVAILABILITY:  23 May 2020  / 20 June 2020  / 4 September 2020  / 12 September 2020 – SOLD OUT! Waitlist only 

What’s included: 

  • Transfer from airport to 4-star Munich hotel* 
  • 1 night stay in Munich, 1 night stay in Oberammergau 
  • Welcome drink when arriving to your hotel 
  • Short orientation walk in Munich 
  • Transfer from Munich hotel to Oberammergau 
  • Breakfast and dinner daily at the hotel in Oberammergau 
  • 1 days admission to the Passion Play 
  • Transfers to your Emerald Waterways ‘Star-Ship’ to embark your cruise 


Visit website 


Scenic logo







In 2020, Scenic will be offering various itineraries (both river cruises and stand-alone coach tours) that will feature Passion Play and stay near the town of Oberammergau.

Itineraries available include:

  • Bavarian Highlights and Oberammergau - Munich to Vienna - 5 night land tour (one departure in May 2020)
  • Bavarian Encounter - 6 days - More info & prices
  • Alpine Discoveries - 7 days- More info & prices
  • Bohemian Sojourn & Oberammergau - 7 days - More info & prices
  • Gems of the Danube with Bavaria & Oberammergau (river cruise) - 11 days - More info & prices
  • Jewels of Europe with Bohemian Sojourn & Oberammergau (river cruise) - 21 days




apttravelmarvel logo








Touring and river cruise company APT Group, which includes APT and Travelmarvel, have released details of their itineraries that will include the Passion Play Oberammergau in 2020.

  • Oberammergau Passion Play with Magnificent Europe cruise (Frankfurt to Amsterdam) - 24 days - More info & prices
  • Oberammergau Passion Play (Frankfurt to Munich) - 11 days
  • Oberammergau Passion Play with Magnificent Europe cruise (Munich to Amsterdam) - 21 days - More info & prices
  • Oberammergau and Castles of Bavaria (Travel Marvel) - 10 days - More info & prices



Viking River Cruises

viking river cruises logo








Viking River Cruises are offering their passengers the opportunity to witness the Passion Play as part of their 10 day Munich to Budapest river cruise.

Departures between June 19 and September 17, 2020 will include an overnight stay in Oberammergau with tickets to the Passion Play and a traditional dinner during the three-hour intermission.

Prices start from $6,195 per person twin share and Viking’s ‘Fly to Europe for $995 pp’ offer is available in conjunction with this cruise.

Visit website


Avalon Waterways

Avalon Waterways logo




Three cruise itineraries featuring the Oberammergau Passion Play will be offered by Avalon Waterways in 2020.




Passion Play Theatre OberammergauImage courtesy Passion Play Oberammergau


Individual Oberammergau Passion Play  ticket prices

Passion Play 2020 tickets will range in price from €30 each (Category 6) to €180 each (Category 1).   Tour companies purchasing tickets in conjunction with local accommodation have first preference and any unsold tickets, as at March 2019, will be sold individually via the official Passion Play website

Independent travellers wondering how to buy tickets for the Passion Play earlier than March 2019 can purchase a pre-arranged package through a travel agent. 

Prior to March 2019 it is not possible to buy Oberammergau Passion Play tickets only - they are only sold in conjunction with overnight accommodation.

Oberammergau Passion Play packages (including tickets and accommodation)

European Travel Direct

European Travel Direct logo



Independent travellers need not miss out on seeing the Passion Play performed with 1- and 2-night packages being offered by European Travel Direct.

Packages will include accommodation with breakfast for the desired duration, ticket to the Passion Play and 3-course dinner during the interval, shuttle bus from accommodation to the Passion Play theatre, textbook and local Tourist tax.

In addition, a 3-night package will also be available which includes a night in another nearby location such as Munich, Salzburg or Innsbruck, depending on the client’s request.

Visit website



Now that you've decided you'd like to witness the once-every-decade Passion Play, you have plenty of options to choose from.  Whether you decide to take an escorted Passion Play tour or purchase a package or individual tickets to the Passion Play, you certainly won't be alone.  Over 500,000 visitors from around the world are expected to visit Oberammergau in 2020 for this unique event. Will you be joining them?


Start planning for your 2020 holiday to Europe by ordering free travel brochures.  Click here to order now.

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